Educational Program

Created by Chef Marie and marketed by Spencer Institute

Personal Fitness Chef Certification Program

Imagine...You can soon be enjoying any of these incredibly rewarding careers: Your own YouTube Healthy Cooking Show, Host a Fitness Chef Podcast, Grocery Shopping Tour, Kitchen Cleanout Specialist, Healthy Eating Blogger, and of course, your very own Personal Fitness Chef Business in your community.

Or maybe all you may want is to be able to prepare healthy food at home, for your family and friends!

Your choices are endless when you register for the Personal Fitness Chef Certification
  • If you are an existing chef... You will become certified to appeal to your health conscious clients.
  • If you are restaurateurs, caterers and in the food industry... You will become certified to appeal to the growing demand of healthier foods in your community.
  • If you are a fitness professional... You will become certified to improve your income and create career diversity.
  • If you work with your significant other... As a couple, you can work together to dominate the fitness & nutrition market in your community.
  • If you are a nutrition coach... You will enroll to become the "single source" for your clients' coaching, food, nutrition and healthy living needs.

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